Mindsphere - Mental Triplex III

My fifth album Mental Triplex III is cooking !  Get ready for 100% Old School Goa Trance ! Keep on touch ! :)




The Apsaras are beautiful supernatural beings, youthful celestial Nymphs, incarnation of the Pleasure Principal and superb in the art of dancing.

After providing music, organizing Suntrip & Old is Gold / Fractal Gate events, for 15 years, Suntrip Records and Romanian festival organizers joined forces to let you celebrate the quintessence of psychedelic arts in communion with the astonishing nature scenery of the Transilvanian forest.

Apsara is now a biennial festival, for goa-trance loving people with a psychedelic mindset! Our vision is and was always the same: bring all facets of goa-trance to you! And there is no better way to do it than on a festival!

Where: Ludoş, near Sibiu, Romania
When: wednesday 12 till sunday 16th of August 2020 (included)
Tickets: https://tickets.apsara-festival.com/

Away from our hectic urban lives and lousy politics, our radiant family will reunite through 5 days and nights of Goa & Ambient music, meditation and alternative cultures. We will make sure you will hear gazillion of your favorite artists. Some unique, some more well known, some old school, some modern! Ranging from pure melodic goa, to darker night acid-trance! From early forest influenced music to pure euphoria! Each music will have its moment, and we’ll make sure all lovers of this kind of music will reach bliss!

Surrounded by other smiling spirits in a relaxing environment, or witnessed by the Sun in a hive of dance and delight, we will all gather our best ideas and energies into making the world a happier place! 

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VA - Astronauts In The Solar System (compiled by DJ Masala )

This is the Genesis.

A legend is told about Mankind, which advanced to the new frontier in the Solar System.

This is a story about the Astronauts who were challenged with the exploration of the Solar System and developed the future of mankind.

The Genesis of the Cosmic century.

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VA - Terraformer

Terraforming (literally, "Planet-shaping") of a planet, moon, or other body is the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying its atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to make it habitable for living creatures. 

A Terraformer is a person who's managing this process. He is to become the main character of our new project.

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VA - Inti

Finally, “Inti”, Suntrip Records’ new compilation is out, with the best modern oldschool-influenced goa-trance! “Inti” is the name of the Sun in quechua, and like the star’s many facets, all styles of goa-trance are featured on this new masterpiece: melodic, euphoric, twisted & acidic!

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The new melodic Goa trance compilation by Global Sect Music is ready.We present you gems that we found in search for paradise melodies, enlightened by the music of Heaven.

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Mindsphere - Mental Triplex Mindream

In the beginning of 2016 we introduced Mindsphere's "Mental Triplex" a trilogy to be released in 2016 and hopefully 2017/2018.
The first part was "Presence", a pure goa-trance album full of oriental influenced and powerful uplifting tracks.

Here is now "Mindream", the second opus, and this is an Ambient release! Oh and you know we' don't release Ambient music very often but we're always very serious when we do! This (very) Limited Edition album shows Mindsphere's music has both yin and yang! Through its 9 tracks we're going to let you discover, perhaps, the most impressive side of Ali Akgun's music: his deep space ambient.depressive, melancholic but also full of  hope and brightness!

Atmospheric, dronish at times, downtempo in the end, "Mindream" will take you on a journey through the elements, lands of carefully shaped landscapes where your heart will always take a central place :)

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