Spiritual Goa Trance | Space Ambient

Mindsphere, one of today’s big maestros of melodic old school influenced goa-trance.

Mindsphere needs no special introductions, many people are aware that it's one of the leading Goa trance projects

and for sure one of the biggest psychedelic trance live acts coming from Turkey.

Behind Mindsphere is Ali Akgün, passionate musician and artist, born in Istanbul.

Are you a fan of mystic, dreamy, hypnotic Goa trance filled with eastern melodies and magical moments?

Search no further!

The aim of Mindsphere Music is to propel the listener and dancer into the middle of a whirling vortex of highly sensitive feelings and

authentic emotions directly inspired by Ali’s experiences in life.

Old school Goa trance fans are certain to find themselves touched and bewitched by the diverse oriental tonalities of this dynamic sound!